iSH launches at Business Conference

15th March 2022

BUSINESSES across Copeland will come together at the Mayor’s third Open For Business Conference next week.
The event, sponsored by Sellafield Ltd, will see two programmes launched, the Industrial Solutions Hub (iSH) and Reboot, as the scene is set for how the borough moves forward in a post Covid 19 world.

As the county moves forward with Local Government Reorganisation this is the council’s last year as Copeland Borough Council. Next year Copeland will become part of the new Cumberland Council.

Mayor of Copeland, Mike Starkie, said: “This is about how Copeland ends well, this is the legacy we are leaving behind for the businesses and community as we merge to become Cumberland Council next year.

“iSH will change the fortunes of those living in Cleator Moor. The concept is innovative, exciting and will lift the aspirations of those living and working in the town. It will also attract world class businesses to the area. Its reach can be global.

“Reboot pushes forward the levelling up agenda which we have seen benefit our communities already. With Reboot social impact schemes will be supported by more companies.

“I’ve been proud to serve the people of Copeland for  seven years and we are leaving the borough in a strong position and have set stepping stones in place for the new council to be just as successful, as long as we step up – together.”

John Maddison, managing director for iSH, said: “We are delighted to be officially launching iSH at the Open For Business Conference.

“iSH is about Making Ideas Work. It’s about creating the environment for jobs, employment, skills and training opportunities. It’s about entrepreneurs, businesses and industry coming together to collaborate and design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions. And most of all, through that success and business growth, it’s about making a positive difference to people’s lives and regenerating a community.

“It’s very rare you get this kind of opportunity to bring new opportunities to a place and to make such a positive difference in that place as iSH will do in Copeland and across West Cumbria.”

During the pandemic the council’s Social Impact team were instrumental in coordinating the community response. Over the past two years their reach has grown and Reboot has been conceived.

It will see the public and private sector come together to offer real change and opportunities in our borough.

Businesses across Copeland, of whatever size, are invited to come together and grow our ability to make real change.

Pat Graham, chief executive of Copeland Borough  Council, said: “This has been an ambition of this council for many years. We have seen first hand what difference we can make within the community with commitment, support, time and money.

“We are blessed with some national and international companies in Copeland and it is their responsibility to join us in providing initiatives which will really get to the heart of social issues some of our residents feel. With the cost of living increasing exponentially the time is now to get involved and make a difference. On March 24 we will show businesses how.”