iSH Story

iSH delivers programmes which build on West Cumbria’s nuclear heritage, to expand its technical capability, developing a regional industrial cluster and showcasing it to the world.

iSH will …

  • Work with others to deliver programmes
  • Build on the capabilities of Sellafield and the supply chain
  • Support a thriving economy
  • Showcase West Cumbrian capability to the world

We do this by:

  • Harnessing the unique skills set of West Cumbria
  • Enabling collaboration, innovation and diversification
  • Creating access to facilities and equipment

iSH is the focal point from which to develop the existing business ecosystem across Cumbria, to create a cluster that fosters collaboration.

Working with others, we want to grow local businesses and talent, to retain our leading edge and build the local economy from its nuclear roots and grow it into something even more future focused, dynamic, and robust, and to export it beyond West Cumbria, to the economic benefit of our region.

We have a heritage based on the Sellafield nuclear plant, which has included nuclear new build, commercial operations, reprocessing ,Research and Development, through to decontamination and decommissioning – we have experience in the management of the whole nuclear life cycle.

The companies in our region are leading the way in robotics for hazardous environments, artificial intelligence for industrial applications, operational cyber security, manufacturing, materials science and solutions for other highly regulated sectors. 

iSH brings together industry, SMEs, academia, national bodies, research facilities, and community stakeholders into a regional cluster focused on real-life problem solving and practical application which delivers growth, regeneration and opportunities for all.

iSH will improve social outlooks and outcomes through employment prospects driven by a strong and resilient economy.

Workforce ICON

Bringing together industry, SMEs, academia, national bodies, research facilities, and community stakeholders into a business cluster.

Creating an ecosystem to encourage and foster successful business start-ups and nurture SME development. Strengthening the resilience of the Cumbrian economy.

iSH is supported and funded by Cumberland Council, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and Sellafield Ltd.

Our Vision

An international centre of ideas, intelligence and innovation harnessing the unique skills of our people and place.

Our Mission

Facilitating a diverse commercial cluster that harnesses the unique skills of the region and creates sustainable opportunities for the direct benefit of the people of Cumbria and the UK economy.

Our Delivery

Business – Provide an investment climate that drives networking, fuels collaboration and promotes innovation which acts as a catalyst for sustained business growth.

Economy – Expanding the breadth of the regional economy, anchoring diversification towards new markets, sectors and industries in order to become increasingly resilient in the face of change.

Customer – Matching organisations to the appropriate customer base that can efficiently solve their most complex business challenges.

Community – Deliver community access to multi-purpose facilities and world-leading training/support that will develop local talent, maximise employment opportunities and improve socio-economic outcomes.