Cyber, technical skills, nuclear decommissioning opportunities and community activity all part of iSH engagement

3rd August 2022

THE iSH team have been busy engaging with a diverse mix of industry, academia, SMEs, charities and community organisations across the North of England and other parts of the UK to maximise the opportunity to transform communities across West Cumbria.

iSH Managing Director John Maddison has led discussions which will ensure Cleator Moor and the surrounding area is at the forefront of developments.

Cyber is just one of the opportunities. “We are looking at the possibilities to extend the NW Cyber corridor into Cumbria. Plans at the moment cover an area from Manchester to Lancaster – we want to extend that to West Cumbria,” said John.

Skills is another – all the way from primary school, through to further education and adult learning with an opportunity to focus on technical skills.

John said: “We are working on a whole range of education initiatives, from discussing plans to bring technical skills into primary education to increasing the university presence in West Cumbria.

“We are also looking to support a work experience programme where different businesses and organisations across Cleator Moor collaborate to offer meaningful work experience for young people to have opportunities to develop their practical skills and see if that is a career they want to pursue.”

Through all the discussions iSH is looking to form partnerships, and bring organisations together to maximise the opportunity.

“iSH is about joining the dots and, where organisations and activity already exist, it’s about bringing all that together. If through that process we reveal that some gaps do exist, it’s understanding why that is, and then looking at what is the best way to fill those gaps so we ultimately achieve our aim of transforming a place and its communities. Partnerships and collaboration are absolutely key to making that happen.”

John was a guest at the Nuclear Industry Association‘s Decom 2022 and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority‘s Supply Chain events last month, attended by a range of innovative Cumbrian businesses and organisations as well as other leading companies from around the UK.

John said: “Gaining a greater understanding of the nuclear decommissioning industry’s needs, as well as the supply chain’s capabilities to be able to meet them, provided invaluable insight.

“It was also great to hear the focus on innovation and social value throughout the presentations, as well as the potential to export.”

This week Copeland Borough Council submitted its Levelling Up Fund Bid to the Government to support further iSH developments in Cleator Moor and the surrounding area.

iSH has also established a Cleator Moor group where it feeds back to community representatives every month on progress being achieved and gives the community a chance to help shape the activity to ensure it fits with what residents and businesses see as priorities for the area.

From those discussions a series of community events are being planned by iSH in Cleator Moor in September, including street art, street theatre and a three-day festival. More details to follow.

*iSH will soon be looking to recruit to its team. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more information about opportunities to join the iSH team.