Lean Manufacturing Skills Bootcamp

1st May 2023

The Lean Manufacturing Skills Bootcamp starting on Monday June 5 for 10 weeks has been developed by Lakes College as a standalone programme that provides a ‘taster’ for new entrants in the Business Improvement arena.
It covers the full scope of initiating, planning and conducting a business improvement activity in an organisation and provides the candidates with insights into the range of tools that can be used to improve business operations. It adopts a blended approach to learning; combining face to face
practical sessions with online tutorials and coaching sessions that further underpin the theory and practice they
have acquired.
Workshops Information
There are seven full day workshops planned which will explore the key concepts of Quality improvement, tools and
techniques that are typically used and their application in business.
These workshops will be predominantly practical in application where candidates get an opportunity to put
these concepts into practice.
They will include a mixture of tutor input, group discussions and both individual and group activities to reinforce the concepts learned and underpinning personal and team development which is key to developing improvement cultures in organisations.
Exercises will be designed to suit a range of ability and experience and will offer candidates the opportunity
to ‘stretch’ themselves in terms of their learning based on their starting points and also the learner’s ability to
cope with challenge. Feedback will be provided to candidates so they can apply this to future sessions. tutor
feedback, typically provided via learning journals.
Tutorials have been incorporated into the schedule to help the candidates ‘assimilate’ the information they
have received and to apply this to their own business improvement project. Part of this tutorial space will
include pastoral checks to ensure that candidates are coping with the demands of the course and their business
improvement project.
Final Workshop
Candidates will also be asked to submit a project report in an appropriate format (typically a written report or a
recorded presentation) as part of their final assessment, and to give a brief (5-10 minutes) overview of the project
and the outcomes/ potential outcomes from it during the final workshop.
The final workshop will cover final programme content, sharing of project outcomes and a review of the
programme and outcomes for candidates.
Studying this Skills Bootcamp course costs £2,998 per learner.
Employer Costs
• Large employer at 30% (£899.40) contribution. This is a 70% reduction.
• Micro, Small and Medium employer at 10% (£299.80). This is a 90% reduction.
Learner Costs
The training is free if you meet the following criteria:
• Aged over 19 years of age
• Working, recently unemployed within the last 12 months or looking for work e.g. coming back into the workforce after a career break
• Resident in the UK and legally entitled to work in the UK
• The Skills Bootcamp is also free of charge for learners who are employed but not sponsored by their employer.
GCSE Grade 4 in English is preferred in order to study this course.
Visit Lakes College website (www.lcwc.ac.uk) or
email admissions@lcwc.ac.uk for more information.